Welcome to the start of the rest of our collective lives.  I’ve been up at Easton Mountain, where I taught a workshop on New Years, New Goals (in other words, how to align your callings of your spirit to the actions you take to make your life want you want it to be.)  I had a great turnout, and some really good reviews. While up here, I’m also doing a lot of planning for my weekend workshop here in February called Finding Your Calling.  I’m looking to find ways to let gay men who might be interested in the program know about it. Please direct them to the link for it if you can. I’m also putting together a You Tube video invitation to the program, so look out for that!

We had a great New Year’s Celebration here last night.  We had meditations, poetry readings, music, and followed up with some dancing.  The crowd here is from all over the country and there’s a lovely spirit of trust and healing to this community.  I’ve done yoga every morning, and I’ve also been doing my meditations. Check out my Twitter account to see what I’ve been saying there.

This first decade of the millennium (What do we really call it?  The O’s? The Naughties?) has been a momentous one for difficult change in my life, as I know it has been for others. Between the major illness/near death experience I had in 2001, change in career, break up of my 16 year relationship, sale and moving from my condo in Cambridge, and starting a new life, it’s been a lot of transitions.  I don’ t know about everybody else, but I’ve gotten a great sense recently that a whole bunch of the negative energy of the last decade has been removed, and that there are very positive times ahead.  I’m making plans, and putting project plans into motion to make this the best I can.  I’m expecting great things for myself, and hope the best for the rest of you!