Every two years, I get sucked into the Olympics. It doesn’t matter whether it’s speed skating, curling or crew, I’m fascinated by it all and will spend hours watching the events (which unfortunately also means I have to endure hours of commentary also).

Now, I was formally a decently competitive race walker and coach, so I know first hand about the amount of training that it takes to perform at the highest level (which is to say a lot more than I ever did). What really pulls me in is the hours of practice, focus, dedication and sacrifice to get to the proficiency that you need to compete at that level. The intensity in their eyes, the planfulness of each action; each action speaks to the focus of the goals they’ve set and the determination to achieve.

Too often, we all set goals, but don’t put in the plan the actions that we need in order to achieve them.  We see on the TV screens at the Olympics the coaches that support these athletes and motivate and train them. They are usually the difference between a talented athlete, and a talented athlete that excels.

I’ve recently hired a coach to help with my own goals, and I have to say it’s been incredibly helpful for me. (Thank you Richard!  Check out his website.) What I do with people is also coaching, but I don’t tend to call it that. I don’t get people jobs, but I help them clarify, plan, focus, and execute.  I do many of the same things as now as I have done as a track & field coach.

So, what are your goals, and what are you doing to move towards them?  If you don’t have a plan, you probably won’t get there. Let me know your thoughts below.

PS – There are still open spots for my career exploration workshop for gay men at Easton Mountain entitled Finding Your Calling: Making Connections Between Spirit and Vocation on February 26-28, 2010.  Call up soon and get the homework and plan for setting the plans for your life!