I just finished delivering the Finding Your Calling workshop at Easton Mountain and it was s great experience. While it was disappointing that sone of the participants couldn’t make it through the isolated heavy snowfalls (One guy who couldn’t make it said that his town about 1.5 hours south of Albany got 3 feet of snow whereas the next town north got 2 inches!), those that did had a good experience. I’ve been in recovery mode since but need to start reading the feedback, notating the areas that I’ll do differently next time. Onto the next program!

One thing that did crystallize for me in this program is that, while the subject was career exploration, the real topic was personal power. Throughout the workshop, whether it was discussing past successes, personality types, or how to answer interview questions, it really came down to knowing what you want and having the intention of making that happen. In order to do that, you have to believe in yourself and feel you have value. As you can imagine, that’s tough for most of us but an amazing feeling when you identify it in yourself.

Granted, we can’t affect everything in this world (see my blog post about that) but we are powerful when we can clearly see what is in front of us, and makes decisions with a confidence. Too often, people make decisions out of fear. While that is sometime necessary (“Look Out! A tiger’s charging us!”), more often we are not in life or death situations that require that skill. When fear rules, you lose your ability to make decisions that are best for you.

If we learn to respond to the situations before us, and not react, we will be living in our power, and be regents of our lives.

I’m still striving to respond more and react less. Um… probably at 60% responding now, but still mess up. What’s your percentage?