A funny thing happened to me recently. As February turned to March and it seemed noticeably brighter, I had this great urge for a change in my life. The fastest thing I could think of was to shave my beard off. I had a rough fall with my mother dying and a major hospitalization, and I needed something do delineate a change.

My stylist Alex at Alfred’s Salon in Harvard Square shaved it off and told me I look 10 years younger. I posted on Facebook that I had shaved it off, and I got many comments about how I looked so good with it and it was a crime that I shaved it. I was looking forward to the comments I would get surprised comments from everyone, as I’m now presenting a readically new look.

Funny thing: no one has noticed.

It’s been almost two weeks, and no one at work has commented. I’ve seen many friends, and no one mentioned it (unless I pointed it out). Only one woman at church said she wouldn’t have recognized me unless I had my nametag on. I asked a good friend why, and her answer was that she thinks that we’re all preoccupied by something else so we don’t notice that changes.

Makes me think about what I’m not noticing. Where are the areas in your life that you are going with blinders, and not noticing? What opportunities are you missing?  Are there possibilities for growth (personal or profession) that are passing you by because you’re not mental around?