Today, I am the guest speaker for the GTD (Getting Things Done) Virtual Study Group Teleworkshop, which will then be podcast in a few days.  In preparation for this, I’ve been having a spirited discussion on line with a number of participants in this group, and the theme that is coming up a lot is how do you clarify your vision when you are so bogged down with the details of life?

The short answer is what you would do for anything where you cannot seem to do it yourself, but want the results.  Can’t fix your toilet?  Never seem to get your diet in order? Thinking about designing a house but don’t know where to start?  What would you do in those cases?

Most likely engage a professional to help you out.

That’s what I do all the time.  I work with clients to get them out of their earlier thought patterns, give them a different perspective, and structure actions to help move things forward.  For something as important as your life, don’t you think you’re worth the investment.

To give you a taste of what I do with that, you can see the outline for my talk today, and additionally a set of exercises that I use with individuals to help them clarify where they want to go. It’s part of my “what am I going to be when I grow up” work.  You can probably get value out of the exercises themselves, but I’d be more than happy to work with you individually.  You can check out my website for information on how I work with individuals.  As I do telephone and Skype appointments, I can work with people all over the world.

Please leave a comment here about the podcast or the call.  I’d love to hear what you got out of it.