It’s been a while since I posted my last blog post, as I was on vacation in Newfoundland with my father. It’s been a long journey to get to this trip, and I feel like with it, I’m coming to a new chapter in my life.

As many know, I lost my mother last September after a long battle with lung, heart, and immune system illnesses that she’d been fighting for most of her life. She finally had a heart attack which caused her to lose blood flow to her brain, and the family had to make the decision to take her off life support. As she was a real fighter, it took four agonizing days for her to finally pass on. Those says were very difficult for me, my Dad, brother and sister.

During that time, I knew that it was going to be very difficult for my Dad. They had been together for 53 years, and I wanted to have something positive for him to look forward to and not just loss. I had gone in 2007 to Sweden to visit all the villages where the family came from. My mother’s entire family and my Dad’s father’s family all came from there. The only part of the puzzle I was missing was my Dad’s mother’s family who came from Renews, Newfoundland. I proposed to him that we go and made all the arrangements.

It was a great trip and I learned a lot, and it was good to spend time with my Dad. I didn’t get to do everything that I wanted, but that’s reason enough to go back. This trip was me being tour guide for Dad and for him to have this experience. What is really noticeable for me is that this seems to close a couple of chapters in my life. I’ve been to all the ancestral home places (those where items on my bucket list) and the final remnant of my Mom’s death is done.

What’s next? What’s new?  All messages coming to me through meditation and friends seems to be that this is a new chapter. I probably need some more quiet time to plan and reflect, but I’m realizing that every moment is time for something new to arise.

What’s new for you?  Are you creating it it letting it happen to you?