As of Wednesday, September 23, the northern half of the globe will start to have fewer light hours in the day than dark. The weather is starting to get chillier (I put on a light sweater for the first time yesterday morning) and those of us in the northern part of the country start thinking about the possibility of winter (but not yet! We still have more summer to live!). As a person of Swedish decent, I seem to crave the sun. It could also be because of my northern-facing apartment and office. If I don’t go out and find the Sun, it doesn’t find me.

It’s also a time of balance. The Earth is about to tip on a different direction, and we have the opportunity to look at balance in our own lives. Am I having too much of one thing and not another?  I’m thinking that I need more play time, especially in the music and dance area. I also need to be more balanced in taking care of myself physically. I know that I don’t get enough sleep, and I have to get back onto my exercise and eating regimen, as I put on about 12 pounds in the past year since my hospitalization.

As many of you know, I’m also just getting past the anniversary of my Mother’s death. It’s been a hard year, and I’m glad that I’ve finally moved on from having the “first” time of each event without her. I know that she’s in a more comfortable place now, and I have only the future ahead of me to do all the things that would make her proud.

So, what do I do now that’s it’s getting darker?  For me, it seems like an opportunity to kind of “woodshed” myself. In other words, I’m going to work on myself and try to improve me for the new unveiling in 2011. Can I be more loving of myself and others?  Is it time that a relationship will come into my life, and am I ready to welcome it in?  Can I be looking better in a bathing suit next year that now?

As we wrap ourselves in warmth over the next six months, how are we baking, and what kind of delicious dish are we going to turn up as?

What’s your recipe?

P.S. Remember there are only two more days to enter for the free weekend at Easton Mountain!  Make sure you register by Friday!