Spring is finally coming to the Boston area. I’m still wearing a few layers (especially on a rainy day like today) but there have been enough days where warmth has shown itself to let me know that winter’s days are almost gone. The flowers are blooming, and the trees are budding out and flowering. It’s the time to come out of hibernation and know that we can start stretching ourselves.

It’s also time to pick up things that have dropped by the wayside. I had a lovely dinner last week with Zach Blurton, who has a great blog at pro(zach)nation, and he was mentioning to me that he noticed that I haven’t been blogging much lately and that he misses seeing what I have to write. Zach is a fantastic creative non-fiction type of blogger and I really wish that I could turn a phrase like he does, but he stated that he likes that I write about more “substantial” stuff, while he feels like he’s writing fluff. Just goes to show that you don’t always appreciate what you have to offer.

Anyway, I’ve been busy with a lot of craziness this Spring with traveling and other activities, which I’ve let get in the way of my writing. Just like anything else in life, you just have to get up again and do what you need to do. Consider this one more restart for me. Now, the issue is to keep it going!

So, what do you need to restart in your life?