Today is the first day after Labor Day, and in the Boston area, that’s traditionally the Back to School Day for most children, and also the first day of college classes (which anyone trying to get around all the moving vans this past weekend can attest to). As I mentioned in the previous post, it’s also a time when many other organizations start their seasons.

For me, I’ve been finding that it’s a different type of starting. This past Sunday, September 4th, was the second anniversary of my Mother’s death. As everyone has said, it has gotten easier as time moves forward, and what has been most surprising to me is when I get to that special day each year, I feel like I’ve completed a journey. It’s not like I set out a goal the year before and I’ve finally completed the task, but more like a stopping point where you turn around on a long hike and see how much ground you’ve already covered. I feel like I’ve done my grieving even more so and I’m ready to move forward with any areas of my life that I’ve been holding back.

In my own spiritual practice, I’ve been working on bring less goal oriented and more ‘in the moment’. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to spend it at Easton Mountain for their Labor Day Weekend program. As I’ve done a lot of other developmental workshops lately, I was just looking to chill out for the weekend. I think I did that successfully, although in my mind I would have liked to have done another workshop or had a conversation with another man. I’m feeling like I needed that non-striving time so that I could actually hear the message that I’ve gotten a lot accomplished in my personal improvement.

Like your favorite performing arts organization, I’ve now done enough of my preparation to start my new season. Only thing is, I don’t know what the performances will be, but at least I’m ready for my entrance.

So, what are you ready to start? What thresholds have you just crossed?