A couple of weeks ago, I attended a program at the Theosophical Society of Boston by Pam Kristan, and the subject was “Awakening in Time: Practical Time Management for Those on A Spiritual Path”.  Pam’s presentation was on thinking about how to manage your time and consider how it fits into your spiritual context.  The most interesting thing for me was concept of Sufficiency Practice.  Just like yoga or meditation being a practice, Pam mentioned that we need to think and consider what we’ve done already in order to appreciate it before we go into the next thing. This is also the work of my friend Gina LaRoche and Seven Stones Leadership.

Just like in any presentation, the standard set up for that is an introduction, presenting the content, and then a wrap up.  Too often, we completely forget about the wrap up.  The following is another video blog on my concepts on this.

So, are you noticing what you’ve already accomplished?