My rapper sword dance team, the Gay Blades, had a rehearsal out at the First Parish of Northborough where two of our dancers are members, so this was a good excuse for me to add to the list of towns I’ve visited.

My sister lived in Northborough for many years, and I had a lot of friends in high school who lived there, so it wasn’t a new place to go. US Route 20 is the main route through town, and I was surprised to see how built up it had become. I had always thought of Northborough as very rural (and I’m sure that there’s still a lot of green there, but there sure has been a lot of change in the place.

One of the biggest changes there has been a new shopping plaza near the intersection of routes 20 and 9, where they opened the first Wegman’s in Massachusetts. I has never been to a Wegman’s, but many people waxed eloquently about it and there were people camped out there for the grand opening a number of months ago. I therefore had to go see it.

It’s s really nice supermarket which I think you’d have to use the term mega market as super isn’t sufficient. They’ve got everything there including a restaurant. I did get done groceries, but they for the most part weren’t one’s I couldn’t get at my local store. If I lived closer, I might go there regularly, but I don’t think it’s worth a special trip.

First Parish in Northborough, Massachusetts

So, what have you noticed that’s changed in places that you used to be a regular?