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About to jump off a cliff on my first hang gliding adventure! Puerto Rico March 2013

I have sort of been hibernating for the past number of months and dealing with some issues that have been difficult, but just like the crocuses that are finally coming out of the ground, it’s Spring!  It’s time to start anew.  I’m ready for it.

I was just in Puerto Rico for vacation in the beginning of March 2013, and I decided that I wanted to really stretch myself.  The people who own the guest house where I stayed (Barefoot Travelers outside of Humacao, highly recommended!) also run kayak and hang gliding adventures, and I decided to push myself and do it.  I was really scared, but I just knew things would be okay, as Bob my instructor has done this thousands of times.

Hang Gliding about the Puerto Rican landscape, March 2013

Hang Gliding about the Puerto Rican landscape, March 2013

I also went zip lining and went on the highest (and second longest) zipline in the world, at Toro Verde in Orocovis, Puerto Rico (see the video below for a taste of it!) When I came to Puerto Rico, I decided that this was the time to really stretch myself and do things that scare me.  I’ve always been scared of heights, and doing things like hang gliding and zip lining, where I’m basically jumping off mountains was huge leap of faith, literally!  I didn’t know if I could really do it, but I have to say that I got the most amazing experiences out of it.  It was in many ways the breaking down of the fear that was the biggest thing for me.

So, what have you done recently that really scares you?



When I was in college, I had a real problem with English classes. I would pull an all-nighter over a two page paper. I just didn’t seem to get how to write. I thought there was some way I was supposed to write that no one was telling me.

I finally took an intensive poetry class, and that’s when I was introduced to structured poems like villanelles. In that form, there is a particular line count and rhyming scheme to follow. Once I got that, it allowed for my creative part to come out, and I was then able to write in other forms as I accessed my creative side. I then knew that I just needed to write like I talk and I’m in my element.

This has two lessons for my writing here:

  • As I have written about before, many people freak out about writing there resumes and cover letters because they don’t know what to say and are trying to get it right. Again, write like you speak (professionally of course) and let it be a reflection of you.
  • This past Thursday, I had s biopsy that confirmed what I had feared. I am gluten intolerant aka I have Celiac disease. This means that that my body has a systemic reaction to gluten (wheat, rye, and barley) where it kills off the villi in your small intestines so that you don’t absorb nutrients. The only way to manage this is to eliminate gluten entirely from my diet. Yes, that’s right; no more beer! Given that I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years and I have a string sensitivity to any foods with high sulfur concentrations (major one being eggs), I am limiting my diet even more. This is going to be a tough transition, but I’m going to have to find that inner creative and see what I can do with this. Thank God Trader Joe’s has a lot of gluten free options.

So, what restrictions do you have and how are you being creative in getting around them?


Ken Mattsson

Ken Mattsson

Ken Mattsson

I am a career consultant who specializes in the connection between what your spirit wants to do in the world, and how to marry that to the work that you do in order to support yourself. While I work with people in all fields, I specialize in working with "creative entrepreneurs" and the LGBT community.

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