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Everything has a shelf life: bread, yogurt, prescriptions, your body, and many relationships. As things change and morph in our world, the situations that brought things together are no longer there so strongly and we start to feel that this isn’t as comfortable or serving us like it used to. That’s when we start to get restless and start looking for something new.

While I think that this is a pretty natural process, many of my clients jump at the next thing instead of making a thoughtful transition. While you might feel in “Get me outta here!” mode, it’s best to first consider why you are feeling that way to make sure that you don’t go directly into another similar or worse situation (see my writing on The Foxhole Method of Career Development for more on this).

Usually you are frustrated in a position because there is some value that’s important to you that’s being squashed. Feel that your boss doesn’t listen to you? You probably value being respected and contributing.

I like to say this is when you’ve reached Kansas City Mode. Just like in the play Oklahoma!, it’s when you’ve gone about as far as you can go. If you’ve reached that point, it’s now time to really plan for how you’re going to make your next steps. You’re usually secure yet bored or frustrated. This is a great time to make a plan for the future instead of a knee jerk reaction. I’ve find that many people can handle any situation as long as they are making progress towards something better.

So, have you reach Kansas City Mode and what are you doing to move past that?


We’ve just crossed for me what is the beginning on Spring: Daylight Savings Time. While I know that it bothers other people and some people miss the earlier sunrises, for me it’s the time when my whole outlook brightens. It’s lighter at night! You can actually do something after the work day! I can see the sun out and feel it’s warmth (my office and apartment both face north, I’m sun starved most of the winter and crave any fresh air).

In the astrological calendar of the zodiac (as well as in many other traditions), the spring equinox is the start of the new year. New things are bursting out if the ground, and there is the excitement of possibilities of the new year (new planting, new summer trips, new jobs!). I like to think of all the new light happening as an opportunity to see things that have been hidden in the dark (and especially in Boston this winter, under a few feet if snow) and take a fresh inventory of life and see what the future might hold for me. If I live into my own personal power and capabilities, then I can choose my future and make things happen, either profession or personal.

One of my activities to do in the next week is to look at the 2011 calendar and decide what I’ll do. I just came back from a week in Florida (warmth!), but I know that I’ll want to take another trip later this year. What programs do I want to attend that will help my own growth? What programs do I want to offer to my clients? ┬áThere is much to look at.

So, what is being illuminated for you now?

Ken Mattsson

Ken Mattsson

Ken Mattsson

I am a career consultant who specializes in the connection between what your spirit wants to do in the world, and how to marry that to the work that you do in order to support yourself. While I work with people in all fields, I specialize in working with "creative entrepreneurs" and the LGBT community.

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