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We’ve all been hearing a lot about this Winter Solstice being the end of the long range Mayan Calendar, and many are interpreting this as being “the end of the world”. I don’t know that many actually believe this are are doing apocalyptic planning like we’ve seen with so many religious zealots pronouncements before. I think that it’s been the impetus for more End of the World parties than anything else. We have our calendars that we put up on our walls every year, and we don’t think that it’s the end of the world every year. Imagine if you had to carve your calendars out of stone! You’d surely only make it so big, especially if you were dealing with as long a calendar as the Mayans were.

I saw a picture earlier on Facebook that had a man with the sign “The Beginning is Near”. I really like that one, as it focuses more on the fact that you can think of this as the start of something, and we all tend to like the possibilities of new things (why do you think we are always shopping so much and hoping that new shirt/house/car/spouse will finally bring us happiness?) There have been many more people that I’ve been seeing that are using this time to envision a time of a new vision of life, and I think that we’re seeing that in the world in general. Granted, there are many who are scared at things changing and are doing their best to hold back the tide of change (our most recent election and the reaction of many is proof of that.) As many of us know, it’s usually the resistance to what is that creates the most pain, and I think that a lot of the fear and pain in our society comes from people who want things to be one way when they are actually another. Look at how much money is being poured into voter suppression and marriage equality efforts. That’s coming out of a fear-based standpoint. These people are so attached to their own position that they can’t see the reality of what’s in front of them.

As I think most people are pain-averse, it would be actually easier to just accept what’s going on, and see what we can do with it. One group that is doing something more positive is Birth2012, and they are designating December 20-22 as Three Days of Love. How can we try to view everything and all people we come in contact with from a loving standpoint? While that sounds pie-in-the-sky, it does speak to are we really intentional about what we’re doing and thinking, and can we actually approach people with best intentions. I’m trying it, and would encourage you to also. What could be so bad about that?

So, what are you starting new this epoch?  Bright Solstice to you all!


In the past few weeks, we’ve been awash with images of all the various holidays celebrated at this time of year: Christmas (the big one), Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, St. Lucia Day (being Swedish, I had to have that in there), Kwanzaa, and even Festivus. I’ve also been in a rather melancholy spirit this season. I’m not sure if it’s regarding my getting used to the loss of my mother (she died in September 2009 after a long illness), my own illness and hospitalization (cellulitis caught while in the hospital waiting for my mother to die after we took her off life support), or just where I am in life. I’m assuming it’s probably a combination of everything. Regardless, I’ve been in a bit of a reflective mood at this time, and haven’t actually gone to many parties or done much of anything that I normally would.

This has given me a bit of brain space to try to merge together in my brain how all this goes together. Now, most of us are aware that a major theme of this time of year is light, and bringing back the light when it it darkest outside, but what has struck me is the concept of this being a time of something which we have waited for a long time to finally be born. Almost everyone knows the story of Jesus’ birth that is celebrated mostly by the reenacting of searching for riches and depositing them upon friends, family, and anyone we can (whether they want said riches or not), but there’s also the concept in the pagan tradition that the Sun is born this time of year, and we also have the birth of the “New Me” that is so present in New Year’s Resolutions. I’m also aware in my own life that things have started to grow and come to fruition at this time, whereas I feel like I’ve been gestating them for months (this blog being one of them.)

I’m feeling relieved that there seems to be a releasing of energy, in that I can now develop all those things that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Of course, there’s the issue of moving forward on these great new baby plans that have finally come into the world.

At this time, how are you planning to care and feed these new parts of you?

As one who’s profession it is to help people bring their dreams into reality, I think a lot about how to help people move towards their goals. I’m giving a workshop at the New Year’s Celebration program at Easton Mountain this coming week, and my main focus is to make sure that participants look to their core spiritual values and then connect them with action steps that will allow success to flow. While I’m still finalizing the workshop, here are two steps that are critical to success in achieving goals:

  1. Make Your Goals Achievable Early: Don’t make your resolution that you will be 100 lbs. lighter by the end of the year.  For one thing, it’s hard to see that goal in February because you might have only lost one lb. by that time. Some thing that you can achieve quickly, such as “walking 30 minutes a day, three days a week” or “not eating a donut every morning” is something that you can get a “quick win” and know that you’re doing something good for yourself.It takes about six weeks of doing something new to make it a habit, so allow for some things that you develop easily, and then build up them.
  2. Develop Your Support Network: Nothing keeps you honest like having someone else know your goals.  You need to speak your dreams out loud and then follow that up with a conversation.  Allow people to ask about it, in a loving, non-nagging way.  If you know that your best friend will be checking in on you next week, you better make some progress by then!

So, what are my goals (I was afraid you would ask.)  While these are bound to change, here’s what they are now.

  • Get back on my eating plan so that I am mindful of what I am eating each day (and therefore make better food choices).
  • Practice playing the hammered dulcimer at least twice a week.
  • Continue my meditation practice (I’ve had a lot of people say they like my meditation tweets!)
  • Continue to keep on top of my own “things to do” so that I never have a pile of unidentified stuff that I’m scared to address.

What are your goals and how are you getting to them?

With love and wishes for a new birth of a new you in 2010,

Ken Mattsson

Ken Mattsson

Ken Mattsson

I am a career consultant who specializes in the connection between what your spirit wants to do in the world, and how to marry that to the work that you do in order to support yourself. While I work with people in all fields, I specialize in working with "creative entrepreneurs" and the LGBT community.

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