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Hello blogging world!

Ken at Taos Plaza, Taos, New Mexico, August 2012

I know, I’ve been a bit AWOL for a while.  I’ve had an amazing summer where I was traveling a lot and had a lot of adventures.  I went to New York State, New Brunswick, Provincetown (yes, there will be the Meditate Mass 351 Challenge post for that!), Kentucky, and New Mexico.  I have not tended to be a big traveler, but this year was different, and I was trying something new.  It has been a great experience with new learnings, and you will be seeing comments and pictures about them on this blog.

That being said, I’ve let you, and most importantly myself, down by not keeping up with blog posts.  Writing down my thoughts and comments on spirit, passion, and career is not only a way to put my thoughts in concrete form and promote my ideas to you (and any potential clients), but also a spiritual practice.  In the zen practice of every action you take can be mindful and promote your spiritual health, I’ve been blogging to keep myself focused and active in mind.  I’ve been more active in body this summer with all the traveling, and I have gotten better with being more consistent with my yoga and meditation practices.  That is a good thing, and I’m happy for that.

I can’t change the past, and it does absolutely no good to get down on myself for avoiding this, as I won’t be a better blogger now because I have a judgmental voice in my head.  I can just be kind to myself and move on forward.

So, how are you being kind to yourself and acknowledging your past shortcomings?

Ken at Swede Road, Little Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada, July 2012

Ken at Beach Point Landing, Truro, Massachusetts, July 2012


Like many of you, I’ve been in summer mode recently. Granted, having a couple if illnesses back to back doesn’t contribute to a time of productivity, but I was able to clean away a bunch of stuff that’s been getting in my way. Unfortunately, blogging has been one thing that’s taken a back burner.

With my trip to Newfoundland with my father in June done, I’m just now feeling like I’ve got that summer feel of being able to be relaxed and let things happen. My mind has been contemplating about activities that I want to do this summer: a weekend in Provincetown, a visit to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem (always wanted to go there but never have), a hiking trip to the mountains, etc. It feels like my available unscheduled time is slipping away, but im just trying to be in the moment.

This past weekend I spent in an impromptu weekend with new and old friends in Vermont. It was so wonderful to just sit in a back porch talking, eating, drinking, relaxing and just generally being. It was quite the gift with a random group of men to just enjoy the company snd banter.

Sometimes the greatest opportunities are available only when you don’t plan them, but put yourself on situations that allow them to happen.

How are you opening yourself up to the unexpected this summer?

Ken Mattsson

Ken Mattsson

Ken Mattsson

I am a career consultant who specializes in the connection between what your spirit wants to do in the world, and how to marry that to the work that you do in order to support yourself. While I work with people in all fields, I specialize in working with "creative entrepreneurs" and the LGBT community.

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